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Super Wings

Welcome to Super Wings Flight School!

Super Wings “Flight School”, the live show of one of the biggest Canal Panda shows, has landed in Portugal!

Come join in on this Super Wings celebration, a show for the whole family where music and fun take centre stage.

The audience will experience the Super Wings universe through a visit to International Airport, the show’s base of operations. Jett, Dizzy, Donnie and Jerome have put together a welcome reception for all the kids, with many surprises and laughs. And to top it all up, Jett will take you along with him on one of his famous missions!

Alongside the Super Wings team, we’ll have Jimbo and Sky, the air traffic controllers / MCs, to guide us through this adventure!

Availability: Novembro 2019 a Fevereiro 2020

Format: Full Show with Meet & Greet

Booking Contact: Pedro Pontes – pp@lemon.pt

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