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Masha and the Bear

Masha, an exceedingly active little girl who just can’t sit still.

The Bear, kind and big-hearted, who just wants to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Now on stage instead of the screen, the rambunctious little girl and the easy-going bear head off on a new and exciting adventure.

A talent scout by the name of Igor, with the promise of limelights and adoring crowds, convinces Bear to join the circus. But Igor’s real plan isn’t really to make a star out of Bear.

Only Masha and their forest friends can get him out of this mess, with a whole lot of singing, dancing and help from the audience.

Because, in the end, there is nothing stronger than friendship.

Availability: All year

Format: Full show, open-air with Meet & Greet Booking

Contact: Pedro Pontes –pp@lemon.pt

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